Botswana Safaris

Why Botswana?  Botswana not only offers some of the last truly unspoiled wilderness in the world, but also some of the largest wildlife herds in Africa. The incredible variety of animals and natural beauty of the landscape create an unforgettable safari experience. On a New Adventures safari in Botswana you will experience:

  • The crystal clear waters of the Okavango Delta.
  • Elephant herds in Chobe National Park. 
  • Zebra migration.
  • The incredible desert landscape of Savute.
  • Big Five animals, including rare and endangered African wild dog and over 600 indigenous bird species.

Our safaris in Botswana allow you to experience the incredible contrasts that are Botswana.  A New Adventures Botswana Safari is a carefully crafted experience that includes luxury safari lodges and tented camps with the exceptional hospitality for which Botswana is well known. The diverse landscape and unspoiled environment make Botswana a truly unique location for safaris. Experience all that Botswana has to offer with a New Adventures Botswana Safari or we can customize your safari in Botswana to meet all your expectations.