Reunion Island

Why Reunion Island?

Reunion Island is like no other place on Earth. Not as well-known as nearby Mauritius or Seychelles, Reunion Island seems just a rocky speck in the vast ocean, dwarfed by Madagascar which is located 500 miles to the west. Traditionally only the well-traveled and adventurous have experienced this fantastic destination. Reunion is an island of wonder, with its dramatic mountain country, stunning white sand beaches and active volcanic landscapes. 

A fascinating counterpoint to the beauty of Seychelles, the wilds of the African savannah or the luxuries of Mauritius, Reunion Island is an experience that is not to be missed. The dramatic mountains and gorges offer unmatched hiking opportunities where you will discover steep, majestic waterfalls. Reunion is a premiere destination for adventure sport enthusiasts, eco-conscious travelers, and it's a paradise for those who demand quiet, luxurious beaches coupled with beautiful nature. One thousand square miles = one thousand adventures. Start planning your Reunion Island holiday today.