New Adventures



Escape to Paradise—a place of breathtaking natural wonders, above and below the calming sea. The Maldives boast near-perfect weather; a place where you can relax and languish your days away in an idyllic paradise or experience days filled with vigor. You will be welcomed by white sandy beaches, pristine turquoise lagoons and world class hospitality. Your stay in the Maldives will be like living a dream come true.


Exclusive. Private. Romantic. Adventerous.  Experiencing Seychelles will test all the senses.  One of the most beautiful places in the world. The culture, history and georgraphy of Seychelles is something all travelers should experience.    


Escape to an island that will transport you to a world where you feel like one of the chosen few. Where your every need is catered to with immaculate detail—you will be spoiled like never before. Mauritius is a tropical island paradise located east of Madagascar with white sand beaches and gentle seas. It is a melding of the past and present, an oasis filled with contrasts in color and tastes. It has stunning rock formations, lush sugarcane plantations, underwater reef formations and crystal clear lagoons. The mild climate combined with unparalleled Mauritian hospitality makes it a destination that is not to be missed.